Oasis Academy's inaugural first day of school rings in

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Oasis Academy's inaugural first day of school rings in


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An article discussing Oaisis Academy's first day of school


Maddie Reynolds


Lahontan Valley News


Lahontan Valley News


Wednesday, August 17, 2021


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Oasis Academy's inaugural first day of school rings in

By Maddie Reynolds

Lahontan Valley News.

Kevin and Lois Snodgrass sauntered down Oasis Academy Charter School's hallway Monday morning with reluctance to leave hteir second-grade daughter at her first day of school on Oasis's grand opening.

"We have six older kids but it (the first day of school) doesn't get easier with any of them." Lois Snodgrass said with a smile.

Ashley Weaver agreed and said Monday was the first day she would return home without any of her three daughters. She and husband Clint Weaver enrolled a kindergartener, second-grader and fifth-grader at the academy.

"It's very cute. With all the uniforms it's very cute, very exciting." Clint weaver said, watching his kindergartener stand in line with her classmates after reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Many parents and guardians lingered in the hallways with the Snodgrass' long after classes began, many saying Oasis' first-first day of school is a culmination of much more than the emotions of dropping off a child at school.

"I think it's awesome," Kevin Snodgrass said about the opportunity it provides for the community. "It's really good. As far as class size, the uniforms, the more respect. We'll see how it goes. It's all new."

Administrator Melissa Mackedon held back tears while standing in an empty playground after students shuffled to their rooms.

"It's actually very surreal, but I'm actually very touched by the outpouring of support from the community," Mackedon said. "I have so much confidence in my staff that I'm really not nervous, I'm just really excited."

It was an emotional day for many.

Kindergarten teacher Sue Marsh stood in her classroom welcoming students for the first time. When finally alone, she took a moment a wiped a tear of happiness from the corner of her eye.

"It's great. It's absolutely great. It's a dream come true to be here," Marsh said. "From the kindergarten perspective being here, putting together the classroom, it just all culminates today when they arrive and walk through the door."

Mackedon said she woke up in the morning feeling great but added her nerves attempted to get the best of her.

"I realized I might have been a little more nervous than I thought this morning when I was writing a sign and I was like, 'How do you spell Oasis?' I realized I was a little nervous at that point," Mackedon said with a laugh. "Mostly I'm just really excited for it to be here and finally see all the hard work in action and start seeing the success with the students."

Not only are parents and staff nervous, but eighth grade student Nathan Narag also said he was.

"I'm a bit nervous because it's the first-first day at Oasis," Nathan said. "It's a new school that I've never been to."

However, Nathan said he already has friends, and he is excited.

"It feels like a good day," he said.

The first day of school at Oasis will include learning routines, getting to know one another and becoming familiar with the school grounds.

"A lot of it's just going to be them team building, community building within the classrooms," Mackedon said. "Getting down the routines and the procedures for the day-to-day activities. So they'll spend the whole day with their homeroom teacher and then tomorrow we'll jump in full speed ahead and we'll start working in our reading groups and our math groups and it should be terrific."

Marsh is also doing projects with her students to ease first-day jitters.

"We're going to read a book about how our parents feel when we leave home to kindergarten," Marsh said. "We're going to learn all about the school and we're going to make a project for our parents to hang on the refrigerator while they're gone. It's going to be really good."

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