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Lincoln Highway Association Membership Certificate

A membership certificate for the Lincoln Highway Association

Leonard Allen Oral History

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Leonard Allen Oral History

Kentucky Style Percussion Rifle
A.W. Spies, Kentucky style, percussion, 54 caliber rifle; No serial number or other markings noted. Exception figured wood stock, brass trim.

Dixie Valley School
The Dixie Valley school district formed in 1917 and a makeshift school was erected. A trailer house was used from 1959-1960. In 1961 the building formerly used as the Beach Schoolhouse was moved to Dixie Valley and used until 1972. Dixie Valley…

St. Clair School
The St. Clair school district was established around 1900. The St.Clair school house was built in 1911 on Bass Rd. The last class to graduate from this school was in 1954.

Bac Company, 1863, Slocum sliding sleeve, 38 rim fire caliber brass and metal, brass engraved frame.

The Institute
"The Institute" was built by Churchill County as a boarding school around 1875. W.H.A. Pike was the first teacher and the county superintendent of schools. The boarding school could house around 30 students, most of whom could only attend for 3…

Fire House Corner (Maine and center)
In the early 1900's Warren Williams donated land on the SW corner of Maine and Center streets for a new elementary school for the new river district. The school was awood building painted blue on what was called the fire house corner as a firehouse…

Hazen School
Lewellah Price notes being a teacher at a small wooden Hazen School house as early as 1914 . The first "Standard Rural School" in Nevada was built in 1918 at Hazen. The building contained three large rooms and had two teachers. To qualify as a…

Big Adobe School
Constructed around 1871, this was the first school built in Churchill County. It was made of Lahontan Valley Clay by Lemuel Allen who was also the first teacher.