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Views of Display case at Churchill County Museum
One View of the Churchill County Museum Gun Case 1

Powder Horn
Powder Horn used for Revolvers.

These were carried in the pocket.

Heavily engraved by hand, Scrimshaw.

A) Powder Horn
B) Charger Horn
A: Small Powder Horn

B: Charger Horn (6” Long)

Powder Horn
Powder Horn, Used for Small Game Rifle

Made of Cow’s Horn and Hand Engraved, Scrimshaw, Circa 1840

Rifle Round Ball Mold
Rifle Round Ball Mold

Revolver Mold
Revolver Mold, Size 450 for Colt Revolver

Percussion Double Barreled Pistol
Percussion double barreled pistol, Caliber 45, curved handle, rounded trigger guard, some engraving, no serial number

Double Barrel Percussion Revolver
Unknown Maker, double barrel percussion, caliber 45, wood handle, c. 1845. No serial number or maker noted.

Percussion Pistol
Single shot, 38 caliber percussion pistol. Heavy engraving throughout.