The Move to Nonprofit

Fallon Theatre November 2019
The concession stand today. You can see the banner encouraging patrons to become members to further support the Fallon Theatre.

That change came in 2015. Stuart Richardson purchased the theatre in 2015, at which point going nonprofit was a matter of survival. He worked to help found the nonprofit Fallon Community Theatre, Inc. Once the corporation was recognized as a nonprofit, it could apply for a grant to purchase the theatre from Richardson.

Fallon Theatre November 2019

One of the first improvements was getting new digital projectors. This means that the Fallon Theatre can now show a wider range of films from all eras.

Fallon Theatre November 2019

Today, there is no splicing as movies come on hard drives.

Fallon Theatre November 2019

Fallon Boy Scouts have been a great collaborator for the Theatre. Three Eagle Scout projects have been done to remove the old burlap wall covers, repaint the walls, and repaint the stage.  In this photo you can also see another project: unique seat cushions that are covered with denim! These seats were replaced earlier this year with new ones.

Rex Theatre Ticket Booklet
A 1920s ticket booklet, containing multiple 10 cent coupons
2016 Fallon Theatre Membership
This membership card serves as a ticket for members.

Tickets have also changed. Though you can still buy individual tickets, the Fallon Theatre also offers sustaining memberships, where for $20 a month you can come see as many movies as you’d like!

Fallon Theatre November 2019

The apartment that once belonged to the Floods has been converted into a performance studio where Stars on Maine works to introduce the children of Fallon to performing.

At the 100-year anniversary of the Fallon Theatre’s founding, the future looks bright. Fallon Community Theatre, Inc. has a base of devoted volunteers of people who love it dearly and is working to expand a membership base that will support its restoration work. It is partnering with many other organizations throughout Fallon, and today it looks like the Fallon Theatre will be central to the community for many years to come.

Though the Fallon Theatre is doing well today, it relies on community support. To help keep the Fallon Theatre alive, consider checking on their Facebook page, which lists upcoming shows and gives details on how to become a member, here.