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Cassette Players, Cd Players, iPods....Oh My!

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Introduced to the public in 1963, cassette tapes and players immediately began to fill a hole in the media outlet. Slightly bigger and much thicker than a credit card, cassettes were easier to handle and use than the vinyl records at the time, and they were less expensive as well. The popularity of cassette tapes and the players increased until the 1980s with the introduction of CDs.

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The first cd player was sold on October 1, 1982, for $900, and by the end of the decade portable cd players had been released. These portable cd players became trendy in the 1990s when anti-skip technology was created.







They were often paired with either large headphones or small headsets and a case of CDs that you carried with you.


First Generation Touch- Released September 5, 2007


The first iPod was released on October 23, 2001, and it is still one of the more popular devices used to listen to music. In the beginning, the iPods had a wheel on the front in order to allow people to navigate around the different features that the iPod contained. As the following versions came about the wheel went away and was replaced by a touch screen. As of this past year, only the iPod touches are still in production.



With all of the technological advancements we have today, what do you think will be the next best way to transmit sound and music?



Cassette Players, Cd Players, iPods....Oh My!