Hay, Look Out!

While the operation was a positive experience for most involved, one rancher, Tom Thurnal, had quite a poor time:

A flying boxcar with four tons of baled hay on board flew over Tom Thurnal’s place and tried to drop eight bales of hay in his corral. On the plane’s first pass, some bales the plane dropped took off the porch of the house. On the next pass the heavy bales falling out of the sky smashed the wash house with his wife’s new washer in it. Tom got on a saddle horse, rode to McGill, called “Operation Hay Lift” and said “Please! Do not drop any more hay on my place. My wife will divorce me.”

- Clel Georgetta, in Golden Fleece in Nevada.


Operation Haylift Eagle and Standard Clippings

It may be hard to imagine hay destroying a house, but think about a block this size falling 200 feet!

Look Out